How we help
A small positive action can have a huge benefit


We speak openly about addiction and mental illness to increase understanding and awareness, then share practical advice for avoiding or coping with the development of a mental illness in yourself or someone you know.


Our interactive workshops facilitate honest conversation between you and us, where questions can be asked without fear or judgement, providing you with a deeper understanding of modern-day mental illnesses, risks and triggers.


Do you and your team know how to spot the signs of someone who's struggling? How to help someone who comes forward with a mental health issue like stress, burnout or anxiety? And point them towards the right help and support? If you’re unsure, our training sessions are for you.


For young people at risk of heading down the wrong path, we offer 1-1 and group mentoring sessions. We work with mentees to identify the risks that they are most susceptible to and help them to understand the importance of making better decisions. 

Activity-Led Sessions

Your mind and body are strongly linked, which is why its important for your overall health to work on them both. Our activity-led sessions do just that. By getting people out of their ordinary, everyday environments to focus on their physical and mental health, we break down barriers and bring teams closer together.

WHYSUP in Business

The success of your business depends on the wellbeing of your workforce.

Our services help you to foster a culture of understanding, openness and awareness, enabling your staff to come forward with any issues they’re having, and your team to spot and support someone who’s suffering.

WHYSUP in Education
Schools, Colleges & Universities

We work with Public, Private and Special Provisions schools across the UK to help our next generations live happier, healthier lives - with an increased awareness of mental health, addiction and its implications.

By sharing our experiences, we inform and motivate students to take care of their mental health.

WHYSUP in Sports
Supporting teamwork on and off the pitch

Helping clubs and key stakeholders to understand addiction & mental health risks, triggers and symptoms, especially in sports. 

We use the unique team environment to help players and key club stakeholders support each other, resulting in a stronger, healthier team.

Underlining Addiction & Mental Illness
Shedding light on addiction and other mental illnesses with people who have lived through them.

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A decision is often all it takes to make a change


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A decision is often all it takes to make a change

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