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Public Speaking
Any Audience Any Environment…

Our message is applicable to all! Our mission is to create a culture whereby anyone suffering can reach out openly. Utilising our own personal experience we offer original, informative and powerful presentations. We will leave your audience with increased awareness, the ability to make better choices and safe in the knowledge that there is a way back!

 We have delivered to companies, associations, large scale corporate events and even at the houses of parliament – for more information please drop us a line.

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Prevention, Awareness and Understanding.

Similar to public speaking but the smaller scale allows a more tailored approach, accounting for the environment and particular group. Whysup can present on addiction, recovery, mental health and wellbeing.

We will focus and engage any group, offering advice, educating and challenge existing stereotypes and change perceptions.

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Interactive Sessions

Working with smaller groups, we can tackle issues head on. The end goal and service can be entirely dependent on the organisations needs.

Whysup have run workshops in education, businesses and sport focusing on prevention and awareness. We have also held workshops in environments with addicts focusing on recovery.

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Individual Advice and Guidance

Whysup is not a treatment provider and we don’t claim to be able to or qualified to treat your addiction. However what we can do is share our experience, offer advice and guide those who need it to the things that worked for us.

We have the ability to refer individuals to some of our partner organisations.

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Business, Education & Sport

WHYSUP in Business
Does your business support employee mental health and wellbeing?

Understanding the link between addiction and stress, breaking barriers and spotting the signs of people at risk, can be the single most important measure any business can take!

WHYSUP in Education
Schools, Colleges & Universities

We offer a preventative addiction awareness service. Targeting and engaging young people through presentations and interactive sessions.

WHYSUP in Sports
Supporting team work on and off the pitch!

This is a unique environment. It contains people from all walks of life who choose to become a collective team, enabling us to deliver a powerful message.