Note To Self
Published in Mark and Liam on Dec 31, 2018 by WHYSUP 

The first thing I did was stop drinking, So it is two years since I had alcohol.

In all honesty I was supposed to stop a lot of other things but didn’t, I didn’t t know what total abstinence was, I didn’t know what recovery was or what it involved. I wasn’t aware of the massive changes required and found the whole thing daunting to say the least.

There was a lot of lessons and further struggles to go through, for me and those around me.

So whilst I can’t write that I am two years clean and in recovery, it is still important for me to recognise it was the start and I never went back on the decision to quit alcohol.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, stay safe and have an even better 2019!

This is the only fizz I’ll be poppin!! 😂

All the best Liam x

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