How Routine Has Helped Me!
Published in Mark and Liam on Feb 08, 2019 by WHYSUP 

My routine has been fundamental to my recovery but has takentime to iron out the creases.

My routine today might not be the same as six months ago orthe same in six months’ time but it won’t change overnight. It progresses and Ireview what is adding value to my recovery regularly.

In the early days while I was away from home, every minuteof every day was planned, something productive, relaxing and a meeting eachday. 

Mark had big input and awareness of where I was and when. Heactually made me do a week planner every Sunday night…

Structure was key I didn’t want to end up with a window oftime where my thoughts could be left to wander.

And every day started and ended the same, a set morning andbedtime routine which included gratitude lists, reading a reflection book,prayer and meditation. 

I would not deviate from this, I only had myself to considerand this structure stopped my mind wandering.

As time passed and I returned home I had to learn to beflexible. I try to be rigid with my morning and night time routine, this is mychoice but I feel it is important to start and finish the day off properly. Inorder to do this I get up early, but this is ok, I actually like some peacebefore my 3 kids wake up and it is a constant reminder of how life has changedfrom active addiction when I couldn’t get up.

My night time routine is very simple takes two minutes andallows me to review the good in my day just before I put my head on the pillow– it’s a great way to end the day.

I have a wife and 3 kids so being flexible is a must but Imaintain my recovery. 3/4 meetings a week at present, contact with otheraddicts and my sponsor, my morning and night time routine and fulfilling myrole at home so they feel the benefit also.

It’s not always perfect, a 3, 7 and 9 year old can throwsome unpredictability to any day but that’s ok, I have enough in the recoverybank to help me through.

My recovery is always at the forefront of my mind; family,home and kids can cause a slight disruption but that’s normal and I work aroundit!

I know Mark says he isn’t as structured as me, but he isn’tso far behind 6 years on in recovery he still plans his week ahead, maintainsgood routine with his boys and work life.

Our routine may differ but the end goal is the same – tostay in recovery!


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