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“Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Sir Richard Branson

 Your business employees and management may be suffering in silence either directly or living through the issue of a loved one, family member or friend. The ability to come forward will dictate the true cost to your business.

Whysup can work with your business to engage employees in interactive sessions covering addiction, mental health and wellbeing. Demonstrating a culture where understanding and open discussion is encouraged. A truly proactive approach reducing that demonstrates a level of care and understanding for your employees.

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Schools, colleges and universities

Traditionally treatment and support services react to the issue, we are proactive in our approach and give this potentially lifesaving information to young people today! Whysup can offer a variety of sessions from age 8 upwards, we also work with staff and parent/carer groups to raise awareness amongst the adults who are responsible for these groups of young people.

We offer a real world perspective of addiction, in a language young people understand, and importantly give them the tools to identify early warning signs and make better, informed decisions. We want others to benefit from our experience and utilise the tools we have learned for good wellbeing. Our service has relevance and impact.

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For clubs who know it’s about more than just a game

Whysup thrive in this setting, unlike other environments the players, staff and parents have all chosen to be present and given their time. We can work with any key groups within the club and a variety of ages. Traditional presentations, workshops or even training sessions can be conducted.

We will work to ensure all involved have an understanding of addiction, are able to make better decisions, identify warning signs and have an understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

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How we can help
A small positive action can have a huge benefit

Public Speaking

Let’s start speaking out about addiction and prevent others suffering in silence.

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‘Real’ and informative presentations, relaying personal experiences to give a unique perspective on the impact of addiction.

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A detailed insight into everyday addiction. We encourage interaction and create a safe space to ask anything, We challenge stereotypes and preconceptions.

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For those who may need assistance and have no existing support, we can share our experience and what worked for us – we can guide you on route to treatment / recovery.

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