What We do

All our services are offered with the same goal in mind: to reduce the amount of suffering caused by addiction and mental illness – on individuals, organisations and communities.

Our team of speakers cover a range of topics including addiction, depression, anxiety & burnout, eating disorders and more. And, because we work with a variety of groups, we’ve designed a flexible service offering that can be tailored to different audiences, environments and organisational objectives.

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Any Audience, Any Environment…

By sharing our experiences, we provide audiences with a unique understanding of mental health and what it takes to overcome something so insidious as a mental illness – including understanding and support from others.

Our talks bring people together and inspire them to improve their quality of life, by being more self-aware, making healthier life choices and supporting others who may be suffering or at risk.

All our presentations are designed to equip attendees with the tools they need to be able to avoid the destruction that mental illnesses cause, and to gain a stronger ability to empathise with someone who might be struggling.

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Working Together

Our interactive workshops inform, support and encourage traditionally ‘taboo’ conversations – on topics like Mental Health and Addiction - between peers, colleagues and responsible decision-makers. We foster an environment where people feel comfortable enough to ask us anything and discuss the things that are most important to them.

We work with all kinds of groups and stakeholders to challenge traditional stereotypes and change perceptions of mental illness and addiction in schools and professional settings.

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Prevention, Awareness, Understanding

Our practical training sessions facilitate the effective management of common industry-related mental health issues, and those that might be causing particular concern in your organisation.

We share relevant insights and advice to help your teams understand these issues, leaving everyone better equipped to support someone who might be struggling with their mental health, be it themselves, a colleague or a student.

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Advice and Guidance

Because we’ve experienced first-hand the consequences of poor decision making at a young age, we’re often asked to mentor young people who are at risk of heading down the wrong path.

In a group or 1-1 session format, we address the common issues affecting vulnerable young people today, like stress (from home, school, social media), peer pressure (to take drugs and get involved in illegal activity), mental illness and more.

We facilitate honest and open discussion with mentees, helping them recognise the risks that they are most susceptible to. And helping them to understand the importance of making better decisions for themselves, now and in the future.

If you have students in need of extra support get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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Activity-Led Sessions
For the mind and body

Your mind and body are deeply linked - it is a fact that when one is neglected, the other suffers, and vice versa.

This information is the inspiration behind our activity-led sessions, which help to take people away from their ordinary, everyday environments, towards a place where they can really focus on their mental and physical selves without disruption.

In the past, we have hosted group walking sessions, yoga, meditation, boxing and more, all of which have helped people to focus on their mind and body simultaneously.

This holistic approach to health is a great team-building tool, too. It provides a refreshing reboot for individuals and groups alike, helping everyone to loosen up, break down barriers and come closer together.

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Business, Education & Sport

WHYSUP in Business
Does your business support employee mental health and wellbeing?

Understanding the link between addiction and stress, breaking barriers and spotting the signs of people at risk, can be the single most important measure any business can take!

WHYSUP in Education
Schools, Colleges & Universities

We offer a preventative addiction awareness service. Targeting and engaging young people through presentations and interactive sessions.

WHYSUP in Sports
Supporting team work on and off the pitch!

This is a unique environment. It contains people from all walks of life who choose to become a collective team, enabling us to deliver a powerful message.