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Mental illness is not something that only a handful of people are vulnerable to, just like a physical illness, it’s something that anyone can develop.

But unfortunately, because of the general knowledge gap between physical and mental health, most people can’t recognise a mental illness – in themselves or someone else. And even fewer people know how to help themselves or others overcome it. 

This lack of knowledge and understanding negatively impacts individuals, businesses and communities every day. Which is why our team of speakers work hard to equip students, employees, managers and other community stakeholders with the tools and insights they need to live well, free from addiction and mental illness.

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Because 1 in 4 of us struggle with our mental health, it is inevitable that your organisation is being affected right now. As a people-focused leader, you can take steps to reduce the impact that common work-based issues, like stress, anxiety and burnout have on your staff and your business.

Our sessions help to foster a culture of understanding, openness and awareness in your organisation, where your staff feel comfortable coming forward with any issues they are having, and your team are able to support them in the most appropriate way.

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On Addiction and Mental Health

Working with schools in the public, private and special provisions sectors, we deliver sessions to people from as young as 8 years old; offering a real-world perspective on addiction and mental health in a language that young people can understand.

Our team covers a range of topics including addiction, depression, anxiety and eating disorders; equipping staff and students with the awareness they need to navigate modern-day risks to their mental health and to ultimately live happier, healthier lives.

In our staff mental health and wellbeing sessions, we place an emphasis on crucial areas, like resilience and burnout, for those working in high-stress environments and caring for young people.

We also offer training sessions to equip staff members with the tools they need to be able to spot and support a young person who might be struggling.

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For clubs who know it’s about more than just a game

There’s a reason that psychology plays such a huge role in sports - because your physical and mental health are inexplicably linked, a slight change in one will cause a change in the other. And regardless of how physically healthy a sportsperson or team may be, their mind is always susceptible to struggle.

We share our story with clubs to help them understand addiction & mental health risks, triggers and symptoms, with a specific focus on the mental health issues that are most prominent in sports – like burnout, and addiction to exercise and drugs.

Our insights enable players, parents and other stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, resulting in a stronger, healthier team.

But most importantly, we use the unique team environment to facilitate a culture of mutual support and openness between players, so they can help and take care of each other on and off the pitch.

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How we help
A small positive action can have a huge benefit


We speak openly about addiction and mental illness to increase understanding and awareness, then share practical advice for avoiding or coping with the development of a mental illness in yourself or someone you know.


Our interactive workshops facilitate honest conversation between you and us, where questions can be asked without fear or judgement, providing you with a deeper understanding of modern-day mental illnesses, risks and triggers.


Do you and your team know how to spot the signs of someone who's struggling? How to help someone who comes forward with a mental health issue like stress, burnout or anxiety? And point them towards the right help and support? If you’re unsure, our training sessions are for you.


For young people at risk of heading down the wrong path, we offer 1-1 and group mentoring sessions. We work with mentees to identify the risks that they are most susceptible to and help them to understand the importance of making better decisions. 

Activity-Led Sessions

Your mind and body are strongly linked, which is why its important for your overall health to work on them both. Our activity-led sessions do just that. By getting people out of their ordinary, everyday environments to focus on their physical and mental health, we break down barriers and bring teams closer together.