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We’re Mark and Liam.

We’re best mates, addicts in recovery, and the founders of WHYSUP – a company that is dedicated to reducing and resolving the devastating impacts that addiction and mental illness has on Individuals, Organisations and Communities.

We met over 20 years ago at school where we remained close friends, and where, despite having plenty of love and opportunity around us, we were each exposed to things that would lead to Addictions.

Like most teenagers leaving school though, we grew apart for a time, in pursuit of seemingly different paths…

Since then, our lives have been filled with more twists and turns than a Netflix drama series. But for the sake of your eyes and mind, we’ll give you the short version here. If you’d like to hear the full version or know how our experiences can help your organisation, get in touch.

Years after leaving school, despite appearing to make headway in our adult lives and developing successful careers for ourselves, we had each reached a familiar point in an addicts’ journey: where the physical, mental and emotional impacts of our addictions were too extreme for anyone to tolerate – including our Families, Friends and Workplaces.

By the time we reconnected, we had collectively experienced homelessness, unemployment and extreme danger because of our addictions. And we knew that we had to end the habits that were running our lives or face the unthinkable.


Supporting each other through recovery was key to where we are today.

Living together, we spoke in-depth about our lives as addicts, and we inspired each other to live better, wiser and to stay strong during the toughest times. This is where we laid the foundations of WHYSUP.


As WHYSUP, ourselves and our incredible team of speakers deliver Presentations, Workshops and Keynotes to Schools, Businesses and other Organisations across the country to educate and raise awareness of modern-day threats to mental health that we’re all susceptible to.

By speaking from our experiences, we equip audiences with the emotional and practical tools they need to better understand and help themselves or someone else who might be suffering from an addiction or other mental illness.

Our speakers cover a range of topics including addiction, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and stress, burnout and more.


Because we know the devastation that is caused by Mental Illness and Addiction, and we know that it can be avoided with the right level of awareness and understanding.
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